Avocado Topical Mist

Avogen™ Topically

Mist once per evening for a restored look and visible change.  This product will reverse many of the visible signs of skin aging.

How Avogen™ does this is unique in skincare.

Skin in even a perfect environment over time naturally loses bulk. It thins and becomes hard. The stiffening of the skin begins before we are 30 years old and can be visibly accelerated into decline by topical products, sunlight, poor diet, medical conditions and genetic pre-disposition among the leading reasons. In short, some of us look better longer than others do and a primary reason is found in the health of the extracellular matrix (ECM).

Sunlight for example causes excess crosslinking in the extracellular matrix that leads to thicker, inelastic skin. Crosslinking is a natural and desirable process that becomes excessive and inefficient under environmental stress.

The sources of stress that lead to poor ECM are simple inflammation, especially over time; excessive sun exposure; topical products, health or diet problems. Natural aging even under ideal conditions leads to poor ECM activity. Avogen™ Avocado Topical Mist provides an excellent visible restoration to skin under the stress of aging and the environment. Best applied in the evening before bedtime. More frequent usage will not accelerate visible reversal.

Use in combination with Avogen™ Avocado Dietary Supplement for a healthy, vibrant skin. You will look younger and feel better.


Shake well, apply once per day after mild cleansing – mist evenly and allow to penetrate.

Avogen™ Avocado Topical Mist works to plump up thin skin, for visible reduction of scars, for sun damage and for aged skin.  Avogen™ Avocado Topical Mist noticeably softens skin through action in the extracellular matrix.  This is the foundation step for visible improvement.

Some pinking may occur in the first few days. Every other day application is indicated for sensitive skin.

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