FINALLY, I found my magic potion. I’ve been hoping to find and looking for this stuff for, I don’t know, 5 years???!!!  I just ordered the 302 Bundle.

I don’t know if you use this yourself but EVERYONE should be using this Avocatin 302. It is truly MAGIC!  If I could afford it I would take a bath in it 2 or 3 times a week.

I had scars from a car accident on my chin and also under my jaw from surgery from the same accident. These scars were 18 years old when I started using the Avocatin 302. Within 3 months I started noticing shrinking of the deep chin scar and the wide, stretched jaw scar. The jaw scar was also a different texture and color than my skin.

Within 6 months both scars were almost undetectable by anyone who didn’t know they were there. Even I had to look closely to see the chin scar, and the other one had filled in and regained a normal skin tone. The rest of the plump, full, soft, smooth, breathing skin I received along the way was just icing on the cake.

My results were great but one woman I knew then had terrible acne scars. I mean, it looked like that craters of the moon if light made shadows on her cheeks or forehead.

After several months those scars had diminished so much that all you could see was a very shallow edge where the craters had been. She was so happy. It really changed her self esteem and everything.  Just awesome!

I knew a person, JJ, who had skin grafts on his legs.  He told me that before the Avocatin 302, children would run from him when he was at the beach in shorts.  His skin also changed dramatically. He told me the edges where the grafts met the skin were always hard and itchy and the color of the grafts was darker and mottled.  After several months with the Avocatin 302, his grafts almost match his “normal” skin, they’d all softened and filled in and they weren’t uncomfortable and itchy anymore. I’m just ecstatic to find  this product.

Be assured, if you or anyone you know is using this or considering using it, you will be amazed at the changes in your skin.

Thank you for making Avocatin 302 available to the public.

Kyle, Texas


My name is Rose. I have suffered from acne since adolence I am now 44/45 this month. I was introduced to your line of products in March of 2007.  Before I comment about your product I must give you a little more history of my trial and tribulations with acne. I have used every antibiotic available to man kind for the treatment of acne which works as long as you take the medication. Antibiotics with long term use for females will eventually develop a yeast infection. Not good.

I’ve used topical solutions, Retin-A, Accutaine, twice and still no cure. I’ve also tried just about every line of make up to hide myself from the public, which made matters worse. I also suffer from keloid scarring so cosmetic surgery is out of the question. I Almost forgot I also have freckles and now age spots.

Christmas 2006 my husband gave a gift certificate for a facial. I tucked it away for a few months until I was ready for that special day of “me” time. In March of 2007 I made an appointment with esthetician Muneca Sutherland (an angel). She saw my face naked, (I don’t check my mail box without make up on) she examined my skin and proceeded with the facial. She is wonderful!  She explained every step and the products.  She recommended them and explained that there is no acid and is a natural product.

I thought to myself why not. I’ve spent thousands of dollars in the past on acne products and make up that didn’t work, what do I have to loose. She not only boosted myself confidence, and self esteem, but assure me I would see definite results in a month. I stuck to the plan she made for me and faithfully followed it until my next appointment.

To my amazement and satisfaction she was right! The 302 products are wonderful!!! 302 for me is the Fountain of Youth. I will always have the scarring of acne but now I don’t have to hide behind make up! Children don’t ask me what’s wrong with my face nor do adults stare at me. I WILL NO LONGER CUT MYSELF OUT OF CHRISTMAS MORNING PICTURES!!!

I recommend Muneca to as many people as possible. I wish I could tell every yong person that you don’t have to suffer as I did! There is a product out there that really works! My only regret is that 302 wasn’t invented 25 years ago.

Thank you all at 302,

Roseville, CA


I wanted to tell you my experience w/ 302. I went to your event in June when I just came back from vacation – my skin was a MESS. I met w/ the representative of 302, and she recommended that I get the soap and the protein drops. They have COMPLETELY changed the look and feel of my skin on my face.

I usually get cysts and/or pimples around my chin & nose ( I know its’ usually hormonal, but I have the IUD and don’t get a period anymore, so I wasn’t sure what was going on). I had been using this face wash from my derm, along w/ a vitamin C and lightening serum. My skin was dryer than usual and now was dry yet pimple-y and cyst-y (I made those words up!) around my chin and very raw.

The 302 rep suggested I stop w/ the hydroquinone and try their stuff. My skin COMPLETELY changed within just a few days. I also used half the bar for my body and my less then 2 year old boy who gets frequent yeast infections (as do I). We both haven’t had one since we started using the soap! It doesn’t dry my skin out yet it keeps the pimples at bay (except for the wedding I was in – extra stressfull situations excluded).

Thanks again –

San Francisco, CA


This is a miracle product. I am 61 years old with acne pits from my teen age years which the protein drops have greatly improved. One side of my face is practically normal. On the other, more heavily pitted side, the pits are so much less I was amazed. I use the product every night and have found that if I let it completely dry – like five to ten minutes – before I put on my moisturizer, I see better results the next day.

I have used the drops for about five months and there seems to be continued improvement, even now. Although I was told that I might not see results for 30 days, I noticed a difference within a week.

Oakland, CA

Wow, I can’t believe how my skin is reacting to 302. I have been only using the Face & Body Bar and 302 Serum and almost all of my redness is gone! At first I thought I was just imagining things but the little veins are going away! It has only been a little over a week.

Cape Coral, Florida


I have been suffering with a severe radiation burn on my breast from breast cancer treatments. After using the 302 Face & Body bar for the second time, my radiation burn went from a bright red, blistery, open wound to a light pink. I was able to wear a bra for the first time in 2 months.

Torrance, CA


I love the 302 products. I have been using it over 4 months and there has been a major improvement. The skin now has even tone, texture and is extremely smooth. The ice picks has improved 65% – they’re 20 yrs old so I don’t think 4 months of anything would be enough to erase them. But definitely getting less noticeable. After 2 months of 302 therapy, I completely stopped wearing makeup. I look 5-7 years younger and have been approached by a few women asking me where they can get this product.

New York, NY