302 Professional Skincare has patented a truly remarkable discovery from a rainforest species of avocado, (AvogenTM), that has the capacity to dramatically increase glucose which is the missing energy component in aging skin. AvogenTM renormalizes skin activity that has deteriorated with age and trauma.The AvogenTM molecule represents a new class of biological compounds and is available both topically (302 Drops, 302 Serum, etc.) and orally (AvogenTM Avocado Dietary Supplement).
AvogenTM is very well tolerated and works rapidly to restore cell integrity, reduce inflammatory protein formation, eliminate fragmenting of collagen and improve the texture, feel and turgor of the skin as a consequence. Noticeable changes to the look and feel of the skin are usually evident in less than 30 days and often in the first few days of application.
AvogenTM works synergistically with other active compounds like Vitamin A and Vitamin C. When AvogenTM is incorporated into a well planned program of home care the results are often visibly dramatic and most importantly, sustainable.

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